Unicorn Night at Oasis

Unicorn Night – The Search Continues

Jenn & Sean Swinging 3 Comments

Unicorn Night has passed and… Our search for the elusive unicorn continues. It was a crazy night at Oasis Aqualounge for their monthly night dedicated to Unicorns and Couples on the hunt. The club was very busy with a lot of sexy people filling all 3 of the main floors. 

We arrived just after 10PM, had a couple of drinks and took in a workshop on group sex before starting the search for our sexy third. Walking around the club, there was no shortage of women playing with women. It was very arousing. So much so that we couldn’t help ourselves and ended up having sex (with each other) in one of the main rooms. There were lots of people watching but no one joined in.

After that, it was off to the bar again where we met some very nice couples and a few potential Unicorns. We chatted and had some laughs, but ultimately we didn’t fully connect with anyone. So off for another walk, which of course, led to round 2 for us. We’ll have to learn some self-control one day.

With not much energy to spare, we decided to call it a night and head home. Our search had come up short but the night reinforced a lesson we learned very early on in our swinging journey.

Even On Unicorn Night, You Have to Manage Expectations.

If you go out to an event with a plan on how the night will unfold. Or worse, you think just because you show up that you are going to find the perfect playmates… Take it from us, you are in for a world of disappointment. 

We were guilty of both the first time we went out. It had been a fantasy of ours for a long time. so it was hard not to create scenarios in our heads. With all the nerves and excitement, our expectations were running high.

The pressure to meet those expectations almost made the evening seem forced. We didn’t end up hooking up with anyone that first time and it felt like a failure.  Like anything in life that falls short of expectation, we were disappointed. It wasn’t until our next attempt that we realized why it had been such a let down.

Let’s Try This Again

We were at a hockey game and the plan was to grab a few drinks afterwards. The details on how we decided to visit the swingers club that night are fuzzy, but long story short, we ended up giving it another shot. The spontaneity of it all didn’t allow for any sort of build up. We were just happy to be there with each other.

If nothing happened at all, it still would have been a great night. However, we did meet a very cool couple and had a great time. It was far more natural and comfortable, as that pressure mentioned earlier was no longer present.

It was an awesome experience so now we go out with only one thing in mind.

That is to enjoy each other and let the cards fall where they may. 

Some nights are full of naughty insanity. And some, like Unicorn night, are just the two of us. Either way, we always end up leaving with a lot less energy and smiles on our faces.

Our journey is really just starting out so there will be many more nights of fun and debauchery. Our Unicorn may or may not be out there but rest assured, we won’t be giving up on her any time soon.

xoxo Jenn & Sean

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  1. Great story. My wife and I found a unicorn on our Costa Rican honeymoon a year ago. It was a phenomenal experience, particularly since we weren’t even looking for one. It just happened! Oddly enough she was from Toronto too

    1. Post

      Costa Rica you say…. Time to start planning a vacation ?.

      All of our best experiences have come when we weren’t looking. Things happen more naturally when we just go with the flow. Thanks for the reply!!!

  2. My wife and I went to Oasis Aqualounge for Unicorn Night in July ’17. Travelling from Michigan. We actually got the weekend pass and went Thursday through Sunday. Our experience was almost identical on the actual Unicorn Night. But the pass gave us one of the most relaxing and clean vacations ever! A sozen showers a day…ha! We absolutely LOVE this place and will go back. Don’t give up! You’ll find her!

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